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Do you have questions about which of the Stampeaz carving materials you may have in your stash?    Here's a little information that may help you sort it out. 

PZ Kut - White, opaque, not shiny. Marked with either an "A" or "B" on the back side, which had extrusion tracks about a quarter inch from each long edge. The letter denoted the grade. "A" was perfect, sanded by me before I sent it out and "B" had some small imperfection. There were occasional "B-" or "C" sheets that were marked down accordingly, if they had more imperfections in them than I thought reasonable for "B" (I'm fussy.) This held until the final batch, which was not very good and merited a C, before I sent it all back to be used as mulch or something! Last available on a regular basis until July of 2009 - I sold out of it at the LB Con, except for a stash of A blocks that I hadn't prepared for sale yet.

Firm Kut - First available in March of 2010. White, very shiny on both sides. I didn't have anything else for sale at the time, so it was not marked at all in the beginning, to allow people to choose the side they wanted to use. I now choose the best side and mark it on the back with "Firm Kut" I have occasionally sanded the carving surface of these, especially for the sampler packs or beginner carving kits, but usually they went out with the sheen still on both sides.

MZ Kut - First available around August of 2011. Slightly off white, shiny on both sides, marked on the back with "MZ" or "MZ-B", if it's a block with slight imperfections.

NZ Kut - First available in October of 2011. Slightly off white, but less so than MZ Kut. Shiny on both sides, marked on the back with "NZ" or "NZ-B" if it's a block with slight imperfections.

OZ Kut - First available in May of 2012. White, especially shiny on one side - the first test batch was slightly textured on the back side. These are marked on the back with "OZ" or "OZ-B", if the block has slight imperfections.

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