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So, Valentine's Day is coming and it's perfect weather to cuddle up by the fireplace - or bask under a warm magnifying lamp with carving tools in hand to create some fun art. I hope that whatever the weather where you are, you're enjoying your February and indulging in some creative pursuits! 

So, in case you have noticed that there is a decided lack of OZ Kut in the store, that would be because there is just that. A lack of OZ Kut in the store. The reason for this is that the wonderful manufacturing firm that I was working with to make and help me tweak the formula has decided that it no longer wants to do this kind of work - seriously - they stopped manufacturing anything remotely like OZ Kut and now only create rigid materials. As a result, I am now looking for someone else who is willing to take my special carving material recipe, and make a couple of changes for me in order to create the next generation of Something-or-Another Kuts and do a production run of the resulting brilliant idea for me. Sadly, I haven't found anyone who is willing to do this yet. I'm still trying and will keep you posted about progress.

The Japanese carving blocks people asked me to try and stock are here.  I have two different types - soft and hard. All the blocks are about 4 x 6 x .5 inches and have a colored top layer with a white base layer.  If you've been wanting to try these blocks without the outrageous shipping from Japan and the long wait for arrival, now's your chance.  If they're popular, I'll reorder a larger quantity and see if I can get the shipping charge down even more. 

If you're looking for something fun to add some interesting shimmer, coating, or background effects to your project, check out the  Ink Specialty Products.   These are things that aren't quite ink and aren't quite not ink, either.

Keep an eye on the Bargain Basement  - that's precisely what it is.  These are things that are being discontinued, are imperfect or that I simply didn't know what else to do with.  I have priced these items to sell and there are currently carving blocks of various kinds and discontinued ink pads in the basement - other items will be added as I get them photographed or described.  So far, this new category has been very popular -- everybody loves a deal, right?
Check in from time to time and you may find something totally cool listed. 

In other news, Stampeaz is now on Facebook and I'm going to try and be better about posting things there.  I have sort of let things lapse, what with the life happening and all.    So, if you want to keep an eye on the antics, you can "like" Stampeaz and you'll automagically see the updates I post there.  :)

The US Postal Service has raised prices again.  Last time, I simply absorbed the difference because they gave some discounts for online purchasing.  Some of these have disappeared entirely, as in the case of international packages, and others have simply changed in their amounts, depending on the package used.  Anyone who has ordered from me knows that, no matter what the shipping calculator says, I will always choose the most economical packaging for the items being shipped and if I can use a less expensive package, I send a refund.  I will also be happy to do a test packaging for you to let you know which package will be necessary, if there is any doubt.  The good news for US residents is that there is a regional packaging now that can frequently save you some money and I use this wherever possible.  :)  I can't program it into the shipping calculator, though, because it depends both on package size and how far you live from me.  So, just know that I will do my best to minimize postage costs. 

blog is back!  And long overdue, too, from what people are telling me.  Sometimes puzzles and clues to special treats show up there, sometimes updates on products, but usually just notes from life in my little corner of the world.  I hope you enjoy it, if you decide to look in.  


Featured Products

Speedy Cut 6.75 x 11 (White)
Speedy Cut 6.75 x 11 (White)
$11.99  $9.59
Save: 20% off
Speedball Lino Cutter Handle
Speedball Lino Cutter Handle
$5.09  $4.10
Save: 19% off
Speedy Carve Basic Kit
Speedy Carve Basic Kit
$12.99  $10.25
Save: 21% off

Monthly Specials For February

Kaleidacolor Rainbow Ink Pad - Blue Breeze
Kaleidacolor Rainbow Ink Pad - Blue Breeze
$11.76  $9.95
Save: 15% off

VersaMark Watermark Stamp Pad
VersaMark Watermark Stamp Pad
$7.70  $6.95
Save: 10% off

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